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State price policy-United_States_one_dollar_bill,_obverse02United States and Japan to trash US dollar
Global economic crisis can help the Russian economy,
if the Russian Government will use their financial instruments to the best advantage of Russia...

"This is a typical financial pyramid, supported by the Federal Reserve's printing press. Last year the "Fed" was printing money at a rate of $2 billion dollars a day, but recently the necessity of coping with the mortgage crisis has forced the Federal Reserve to increase this rate to several dozens billions dollars a day...."
"Current situation management in the U.S. resembles the Russian government in 1998 – everybody knew that a big crisis was coming, but nobody did anything about it. It is scary to see unrecovered mortgages reaching $10 trillion dollars while combined U.S. debt is over $30 trillion dollars. The U.S. has cornered itself and can't stop. If the Fed's printings press stops, market investors will consider it as a signal to run."
The next step is obvious: foreign buyers should pay for Russian oil with Russian roubles. Rouble will become stable and reliable and post-soviet countries will have to keep their currency reserves in roubles. Roubles will have to go through Russian economy and that will facilitate investments into basic industry. That in turn will force USA and Europe to accept rouble as one of reserve currencies. more...



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