Modernization and structural reconstruction
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9 val2F03S. Glazev
Economic development in the Russian Federation during global techno-economic restructuring.

It is characteristic to modern economic development that scientific progress and intellectual factors are playing even bigger roles in modern economics than they did in the 20th century. In modern industrial countries, 70-85% of GNP growth can be attributed to the implementation of new intellectual products to technology, industrial machinery, education of labor and administration.The characteristic feature of the fifth techno-economic structure is extremely rapid development of its key element – the computer.  During the ripe phase of the fifth techno-economic structure, catching up with the leaders requires a large investment on the part of Russia's national economy
The key elements of the sixth techno-economic structure can be observed even now: biotechnology (based on molecular biology and gene engineering), nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, global information networks and integrated high-speed transport systems.
Concentrating the financial reserves derived with state support from the export of natural resources may allow developing countries to overcome this gap by bypassing the building of the infrastructure of the fifth techno- economic structure and beginning to build the sixth one; however, this can happen only while the imminent transition between techno-economic structures and corresponding crisis is taking place. For developing countries, the only way to achieve this goal is not to follow the old trajectory of development, but to build elements key to the coming sixth techno-economic structure and thus make new trajectories of development.... more

GelvanovskyS02Globalization and Reform.
Is stable development of Russia possible while market liberalization is imposed? 
The main purpose of this article is to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion of globalization and specifics of its development in different regions and countries of the world.

One of the main consequences of globalization today is political, social and economic standards of life characteristic to the United States of America and Western Europe propagating into the rest of the world. The problem of this propagation is that it is accompanied by the shadowy aspects of American and European mass-culture, like drugs, family disintegration and personal behavior, considered to be subnormal in traditional societies. History and roots of this standards of Anglo -Saxon core of the global world will not be discussed, because it requires a special article devoted exclusively to this subject matter and its significance to understanding the essence of modern globalization. We want to consider effects both positive and negative of globalization and modernization on traditional societies and whether these effects were planned by this core of the global world in order to support its mercantile interests...more

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