State strategy to increase competitive ability
of Russian national economy
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GelvanovskyS02M. Gelvanovsky
Competitive ability: laws of survival
It is important to remember that modern economic competition is a war. The only acceptable outcome is victory, since this is a matter of economic life and death for market subjects...
Competitive ability is not only economic effectiveness. It includes economic effectiveness as a component, but it describes more complex relationships of market subjects like individual firms and corporations, their branch associations and even the national economies of different countries...
Competitive ability - usually is not an absolute characteristic, but a relative one, of a competing subjects of the market - products, corporations or  countries. This in turn indicates, that ineffective can win competition, if other competing subjects are even less effective. Hence it follows that the competitive ability can be reached not only by improvement of its inherent characteristics, but also by using different kind of measures to block the development of competitors... more


GelvanovskyS02M. Gelvanovsky
Policies to icrease competitive ability of Russian national economy. Methods of legislative support







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