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1. State Strategy of National Development
  a.State strategy for increasing the competitive ability of Russian national economy under the conditions of globalization
  b.Modernization and structural reconstruction of Russian economy under the new technological infrastructure.

2. Competition in the Global Economy
  a.National security - making the global economic environment favorable to Russian national economy
  b.Russian Federation and the WTO

3. State Social Policies
  a.Formation of institutions of social collaboration and partnership to prevent social disintegration.
  b.National social projects.

4. State Administration
  a.How to increase the effectiveness of state administration
  b.State policies of price formation
  c.State statistics.

5. National policies supporting small business.
  a.Support of traditional forms of entrepreneurships as a way to increase the effectiveness of the Russian national economy
  b.Development of the traditional handicraft enterprise in Russia

6. State Ecological Policies.
  a.Ecological problems of the Russian national economy.
  b.Social ecology.
  c.Ethnic ecology.

7. Ethics and the Morals.
  a.An ethical and moral basis for the social and economic development of Russia.
  b.Corporate ethics.
  c.Academic Council on Religious and Social Research. Department of the Social Sciences. Russian Academy of Sciences

8. State cultural policies
a.Support for native cultures of the Russian Federation
  b.Science as a cultural project and philosophy of science.
  c.Support for fundamental scientific research and global scientific competition

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